A pioneer in contemporary Mexican gastronomy

There’s little doubt that Enrique Olvera is the world’s best-known chef from Mexico. His restaurant Pujol is widely considered the best restaurant in all of Mexico. And his New York eatery, Cosme, sets the standard for modern Mexican cuisine.

A pioneer in contemporary Mexican gastronomy, Olvera is both an inspiration and leader in the culinary world. His restaurant has received tons of international accolades. In September, he was inducted into the international advisory board of Spain’s Basque Culinary Center alongside Joan Roca, where they join the ranks of world-renowned chefs.

Meet chef Olvera at ¡Latin Food Fest! 2018 where he will conduct cooking demos and sign copies of his book, “Mexico from the Inside Out.”

The 6th annual ¡Latin Food Fest! will take place in Los Angeles March 23 – 24, 2018, San Diego August 17 – 18, 2018 and Orange County November 9 – 10, 2018.