Roberto Alcocer

Roberto is the Executive Chef and Owner of Malva Cocina de Baja in the city of Ensenada.

Chef Roberto is passionate about his profession, has a clear philosophy regarding his discipline, the development of knowledge and a desire to transmit, study and dominate recipes and different cooking techniques, to an extent that he understands and is able to put on the table ancestral recipes as well as new techniques.

Roberto has achieved a Bachelor’s degree in gastronomy in Mexico; then he studied gastronomy for one year in Bordeaux, France and completed a service course in Bruges, Belgium.

He practiced in Sergi Arola’s La Broche, which has two Michellin Stars, at Le Patio in Arcachon, France, with two Michellin Stars, and at Gueriniere at Gujan Mestras in France, also credited with two Michellin Stars.