Chile does not only offer a unique and diverse eco-system as it is also rich in history and culture. One of the best things that Chileans can be proud of is their culinary expertise. Their rich culinary tradition treats travelers with mouth water delicacies such as empanadas, humitas and numerous seafood dishes.

Listed below are flavorful Chilean dishes that every traveler must try:

Nothing can go wrong when it comes to empanadas. The delectable dish is usually found in panaderias, restaurants and even on the streets. Though several Latin American countries serve empanadas, Chilean empanadas are cooked differently. The crescent shaped pocket pie is stuffed with ground beef, hard boiled eggs, roasted vegetables and cheese. Chilean empanadas are larger and flat, it is usually baked in wood burning oven.

Made from fresh shellfish, potato flat bread and meat, it is well loved by locals and tourists alike. Curanto which is a signature dish from Chiloe, is cooked on a pit after being covered with sea weed to seal the flavor. It is usually served with flavored pork rind, called milcao and chapalele.

Pastel de Choclo
Pastel de Choclo is classic casserole with a twist. The corn dish is usually served at the farmers markets and food stalls all over Santiago. The pie is made of sweet corn blended with milk and herbs before being cooked. It is then filled with minced beef, garlic, onion and eggs.

Machas a la Parmesana
What can go wrong with shellfish and parmesan cheese? The salt water clam dish is bursting with flavor as it is baked with parmesan cheese and mozzarella topped with butter and spices.

The universal dish is also served in other countries, but the ones in Chile are often cooked and prepared with halibut. The seafood dish is prepared by marinating the fish with lime and grapefruit juice, garlic and peppers.

Pebre One of the best parts in Chilean cuisines are their sauces. Pebre which is made from garlic, onion, cilantro, olive oil and tons of aji chili peppers is part of every Chilean meal. The all-time favorite condiment is often paired with meat dishes, but some fanatics would spread it on their bread or use it as a salsa.

Tres Leches
There’s always room for dessert, most especially if it’s Tres Leches. The sponge cake which is soaked in three types of milk (evaporated milk, condensed milk and whole milk) is topped with a toffee sauce and light icing. The moisture filled cake is delectable, though it is packed with calories, one can’t stay away from this classic Latin American dessert.