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Experience the joy of Latin food festivals, where food brings people together in a vibrant expression of culture.

A Decade of Delight: The Latin Food Fest (2012-2020)

From 2012, to 2020 the Latin Food Fest held a place in the scene of major cities like Los Angeles, Dallas, Miami and San Diego. This lively event brought together food enthusiasts and culinary pioneers to experience the array of flavors, dishes and customs from regions of Latin America. The festivals main attractions included cooking demonstrations, live music performances and the opportunity to savor an abundance of delicious American delicacies ranging from tantalizing tacos and arepas to zesty ceviches and unique cocktails. Each year the festival not spotlighted the talents of chefs but also honored the rich cultural legacy that shapes Latin cuisine. Serving as a force it connected communities through the shared love for food. Provided a comforting taste of home for many while introducing others to new culinary experiences. As guests moved to beats and relished every morsel the Latin Food Fest transcended beyond being a food event; it became a heartfelt homage, to the diverse cultures that form the dynamic identity of Latin America.

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Dive Deeper into Flavors at Latin Food Group
For those to explore the essence of American culinary heritage Eat Latin America is a must visit hub. This website acts as a companion on a journey through the culinary scenes of the region inviting visitors to delve into the diverse array of tastes, dishes and ingredients that characterize Latin cuisine. From the street food markets in Mexico City to the grills in Buenos Aires this platform offers an extensive glimpse into the gastronomic culture spanning various countries featuring recipes, cultural anecdotes and narratives from local chefs and culinary artisans. It’s a resource for individuals seeking to expand their horizons and embrace the rich tapestry of Latin American cooking.

The Easy Recipe Collection

The brainchild of Ben Harper, a food lover from Columbus, Ohio Simple Recipe Box was born out of his love for cuisine kindled during a three month exploration, across Latin America. On this site Ben shares a selection of recipes designed to infuse your kitchen with the flavors of Latin America.
From tacos, to satisfying arepas every recipe is crafted with home chefs in mind making it simpler than ever to explore flavors and cooking methods. Bens personal stories and culinary advice bring a feel encouraging readers not to cook the dishes but also to connect with the narratives that accompany them.

Guacamole Recipes

Curated by Alex Rivera Guacamole Recipes is a website that celebrates one of Latin Americas cherished contributions to global cuisine; guacamole. Here visitors can explore an array of ways to prepare this iconic avocado dip ranging from recipes honoring its Mexican heritage to innovative twists incorporating unexpected ingredients. Whether you prefer guacamole or enjoy experimenting with your appetizers this site has something for everyone. In addition to recipes Alex shares insights, on choosing the avocados and perfecting the art of guacamole making ensuring your batch is nothing short of flawless.