Costco Chicken Tacos: What’s the Buzz?

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Ever wonder why everyone's talking about Costco chicken tacos? These tacos are a hit, and I'm here to tell you why. First off, they're packed with flavor, thanks to some unique ingredients. Plus, they're super easy to make, saving you time in the kitchen. And let's not forget about health; these tacos have got you covered there too. Join me as we dive into what makes these tacos a must-try, from their taste to their convenience.


  • Costco's Chicken Street Tacos kit includes cooked chicken, cheese, cabbage, lime, salsa, cilantro lime crema, and flour tortillas for $19 but feeds only 2-3 people, feeling overpriced.
  • Tasty but doesn’t match local Mexican restaurant quality; however, very convenient for quick meals.
  • Can be part of a healthy diet if served properly, with modification options available for lower calories or gluten-free needs.
  • Cooking is straightforward, with oven and air fryer instructions provided.
  • Can customize the kit with your preferred toppings and tortillas.
  • Customers enjoy the taste but critique the kit for its size and value for money.
  • Other Costco brands and homemade options provide alternatives for variety or a more hands-on approach.

A delicious plate of Costco chicken tacos, a healthy and tasty choice.

The Ingredients That Set Them Apart

Costco chicken tacos kit comes with all you need. You get cooked chicken, cheese, cabbage, lime, salsa, and cilantro lime crema. Plus, there are 12 flour tortillas. This mix makes the tacos stand out. The chicken tastes good and stays moist. The salsa and crema add unique flavors, though some think the crema could be better.

How Do They Compare to Restaurant Quality Tacos?

These tacos are tasty but can't beat local Mexican spots. The main charm is you can make them at home. They're good but not the best out there. The kit's size is a letdown for the price. It feeds 2 to 3 people at most. Compared to other options, it's costly without offering more food.

The Convenience of a Meal Kit

The kit's ease is a big win. It saves time on busy days. You just heat and assemble. But, for $19, it feels overpriced, especially when you see what else you could get. Some won't buy it again unless the price drops. Yet, for those in a rush, its convenience might just be worth it.

Are Costco Chicken Tacos Healthy?

Breaking Down the Nutritional Content

Costco chicken street tacos pack a mix of protein, carbs, and fats. Each taco has calories close to a chicken taco with cilantro and onions. This means they can fit into a balanced diet. The kit's chicken is lean, making it a good protein source. Yet, the flour tortillas add carbs. The cheese and crema add fats, some being saturated. The salsa and cabbage bring in fiber and vitamins.

Comparing Calories: Costco vs. Homemade

Homemade chicken tacos can have fewer calories. This depends on your ingredients. For example, using corn tortillas lowers the carb count. Also, opting for low-fat cheese or skipping the crema can cut down on fats. Making tacos at home lets you control what goes in. So, you can make them as healthy as you like.

Are There Gluten-Free Options?

The kit comes with flour tortillas, which are not gluten-free. But, you can make a swap. Use corn tortillas instead for a gluten-free meal. The rest of the kit is gluten-free. So, with this simple change, everyone can enjoy these tacos.

In summary, Costco chicken tacos can be part of a healthy diet. It's all about how you serve them. By adjusting a few ingredients, you can make them even healthier or fit them into special diets like gluten-free.

Image of Costco's frozen chicken tacos cooking process.

How to Cook Costco's Frozen Chicken Tacos

Step-by-Step Cooking Instructions

Cooking Costco's frozen chicken tacos is easy. First, preheat your oven to 375°F. Spread tacos on a baking sheet. Don't let them touch. Bake for about 20 minutes. Flip them halfway through.

Best Practices for Using an Air Fryer

For an air fryer, set it to 375°F. Cook tacos for about 8-10 minutes. Make sure they're not too close. This method keeps the chicken juicy and tasty.

The Kirkland Signature Chicken Street Tacos kit is well liked. It comes with chicken, cheese, lime, salsa, cilantro lime crema, and tortillas. The chicken tastes good and stays moist. The salsa is a bit spicy. The crema is okay, not great. The tacos are good but not as good as local Mexican spots. The kit is small, feeds 2-3 people, and costs $19. It's seen as overpriced. The reviewer might not buy it again unless the price drops.

Can You Customize the Costco Taco Kit?

Adding Your Own Flair to the Kit

Yes, you can add your own twist to the Costco taco kit. The kit comes with chicken, cabbage, cheese, lime, salsa, cilantro lime crema, and tortillas. But, you can make it your own. You might want to add some fresh veggies or different sauces. Get creative!

Ideas for Toppings and Extras

Think about adding sliced avocados, diced tomatoes, or even some hot sauce for an extra kick. You can also swap out the standard tortillas for corn ones if you prefer. If you love cheese, why not try a mix of different types? Adding your favorite toppings makes the meal even better.

The Kirkland Signature Chicken Street Tacos kit is good but simple. It has cooked chicken, cabbage, cheese, lime, salsa, cilantro lime crema, and flour tortillas. The chicken tastes nice and is moist. The salsa is okay and a bit spicy. The cilantro lime crema is fine, but not like sour cream and fresh cilantro. The tacos you make will be yummy but not as amazing as ones from a local Mexican place.

The kit's main problem is its size. It's small and might only feed 2 or 3 people if you use all the cabbage and tortillas. At $19, it feels a bit expensive, especially when you look at other options that might give you more food without needing to heat anything up. I might not buy the Kirkland Signature Chicken Street Tacos kit again unless it's on sale for a much lower price.

Image of customizable Costco chicken tacos kit, perfect for a family meal.

What Are Customers Saying About Costco Chicken Tacos?

Review Highlights and Common Feedback

People who buy the Kirkland Signature Chicken Street Tacos kit from Costco like it a lot. This kit has chicken, cabbage, cheese, lime, salsa, cilantro lime crema, and flour tortillas. The chicken tastes good and stays moist. The salsa is a bit spicy, and the crema is okay but not the best. The tacos are yummy but not as good as those from a Mexican place. The main problem is the kit's size. It's small and feeds 2 or 3 people if you use all cabbage and tortillas.

How Do They Rate in Terms of Value for Money?

At $19, this taco kit seems too costly. It gives less food than El Torito's Fiesta Packs, which are bigger and need no heating. The person who reviewed it said they would not buy it again unless Costco drops the price. They think it's not worth it right now.

People enjoy the taste but think it costs too much for what you get. The tacos are good for a quick meal but don't match up to restaurant tacos. The size and price are the main downsides.

Alternative Options to Costco Chicken Tacos

Exploring Other Brands Within Costco

Costco sells more than just their own chicken tacos. Brands like Don Miguel and Don Lee Farms offer tasty options too. Don Miguel mini tacos are a hit for quick snacks. Looking for something crispy? Check out Don Lee Farms' crispy shredded chicken tacos. They give you that perfect crunch with every bite. Both brands are easy to find at Costco, giving you great variety.

Making Your Own Tacos at Home: A Quick Guide

Making tacos at home is fun and easy. You need chicken, tortillas, and your favorite toppings. Cook chicken until it's juicy. Warm up some tortillas. Then, add chicken and top with cheese, lettuce, and salsa. Making tacos at home lets you control what goes in them. This way, you can make them just how you like. Plus, it's a great activity for the whole family.

These options show that while Costco's chicken tacos are popular, there are plenty of other tasty and convenient choices available. Whether you decide to try another brand from Costco or make your own at home, you're in for a delicious meal.

We dove into what makes Costco's chicken tacos a hit, from unique ingredients to their ease. We also looked at their health aspects, cooking tips, and how to add your twist. Plus, we checked out what others think and explored other options. In short, Costco's chicken tacos mix taste, health, and convenience well. They're a solid pick for anyone craving tacos without the fuss.

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