Milagro Tacos: Must-Try Dishes Revealed

"Delicious Milagro Tacos, a must-try dish at Milagro Taco Cantina!"

Ready to dive into a world where tacos are not just food but a celebration? At Milagro Taco Cantina, every bite tells a story of tradition, innovation, and pure flavor joy. From the streets of Tijuana to the heart of Dallas, we're revealing dishes that will change your taco game forever. Think fresh ceviche, zesty veggie bowls, and a burger that will make your taste buds dance. Join me on this culinary journey and discover why Milagro is the talk of the town.


  • Milagro Taco Cantina offers a vibrant taste of Tijuana in Dallas, featuring must-try dishes like street tacos, a unique burger with avocado mousse, ceviche, and veggie bowls.
  • Located at 440 Singleton Blvd in Dallas, it's a new venture by Jesus Carmona, the former owner of Tacos Mariachi, representing a blend of tradition and innovation in the culinary scene.
  • Open daily from 11 AM to 10 PM, with special menus for happy hour and late-night bites, catering to various dining preferences.
  • Stands out by blending traditional Mexican flavors with Dallas's culinary tastes, offering unique food choices beyond tacos, marking an evolution from the beloved Tacos Mariachi to Milagro.

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What are the Must-Try Dishes at Milagro Taco Cantina?

Tijuana Street Tacos and Their Unique Flavors

At Milagro Taco Cantina, the Tijuana street tacos are a must-try. They come packed with rich, authentic flavors that transport you straight to the bustling streets of Tijuana. These tacos stand out for their fresh ingredients and the perfect blend of spices. Each bite offers a taste of tradition mixed with innovative twists, making them a top pick on the menu.

Signature Dishes: Burger with Avocado Mousse and Sauteed Shrimp

Don't miss the burger topped with creamy avocado mousse and sauteed shrimp. This dish breaks the mold of traditional taco joint offerings. It combines the heartiness of a well-cooked burger with the delicacy of shrimp, enhanced by the smooth, rich texture of avocado mousse. This unique combination will satisfy both burger lovers and seafood enthusiasts alike.

Fresh and Zesty: Ceviche and Veggie Bowls

For something lighter, the ceviche and veggie bowls are perfect. The ceviche is bursting with citrusy zest, featuring freshly caught seafood that melts in your mouth. The veggie bowls are packed with crisp, fresh vegetables, providing a healthy yet flavorful option. These dishes are ideal for those seeking a refreshing meal, especially on a warm Dallas day.

Each dish at Milagro Taco Cantina offers a unique twist on traditional flavors, crafted to leave a lasting impression on your palate. Whether you crave the bold tastes of street tacos, the innovative blend in the burger, or the light, fresh options like ceviche, Milagro is set to become a culinary landmark in Dallas.

Where is Milagro Taco Cantina Located?

Exploring 440 Singleton Blvd, the New Home of Milagro

Milagro Taco Cantina sits at 440 Singleton Blvd in Dallas. This spot is not just any location; it marks a fresh start for a beloved Dallas chef. Here, the vibrant spirit of Tijuana street food comes alive, far from its coastal origins.

The Closing of Tacos Mariachi and the Birth of Milagro

Tacos Mariachi was a gem in Dallas. Sadly, it closed during the pandemic. But from its ashes rises Milagro, the new brainchild of Jesus Carmona, the owner of the former eatery. This transition is more than a mere change of name; it's a bold step in preserving and evolving a culinary legacy.

Trinity Groves: A Culinary Destination in West Dallas

Trinity Groves stands out as a culinary hub in West Dallas, and Milagro adds its unique flavor to this mix. Located roughly 450 feet east of where Tacos Mariachi once stood, Milagro offers a menu that includes popular dishes from its predecessor and exciting new additions. These include a burger with avocado mousse and sautéed shrimp, ceviche, and veggie bowls, all designed to delight the taste buds of Dallas foodies.

This location is strategic, not just for its history but for its future potential to attract both old fans and new patrons eager to taste a blend of tradition and innovation. Milagro is poised to become a cornerstone in the culinary landscape of Trinity Groves, promising an exciting mix of flavors that pay homage to Tijuana while celebrating the local taste preferences.

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When Can You Visit Milagro Taco Cantina?

Milagro's Opening Hours for Every Taco Lover

Milagro Taco Cantina opens daily from 11 AM to 10 PM. You can grab lunch, dinner, or anything in between. This schedule fits most taco cravings!

Special Menus: Happy Hour and Late-Night Bites

Milagro has happy hour from 3 PM to 6 PM on weekdays. Enjoy deals on food and drinks. After 10 PM, they serve a late-night menu until midnight, perfect for night owls.

Milagro Taco Cantina, a lively spot in Dallas, offers a vibrant taste of Tijuana street food culture. The owner, Jesus Carmona, brings his passion and flair from the former Tacos Mariachi to this new venture. At Milagro, you can savor the same beloved flavors that made Tacos Mariachi a local favorite, plus some exciting new additions.

From the classic street tacos to unique dishes like the burger with avocado mousse, there's something for everyone. The late-night menu also features smaller, shareable versions of popular items, making it a great place to unwind after hours. Whether you're looking for a quick taco fix or a leisurely meal with friends, Milagro Taco Cantina accommodates all appetites and schedules with its broad and flexible hours.

How Does Milagro Taco Cantina Stand Out?

A Fusion of Tijuana's Culture and Dallas's Culinary Scene

Milagro Taco Cantina brings Tijuana's vibrant street food right to Dallas. They blend traditional Mexican flavors with local tastes. This mix creates unique dishes that stand out in the bustling Dallas food scene.

From Tacos Mariachi to Milagro: A Journey of Evolution

Milagro is not just a new name but a rebirth of the beloved Tacos Mariachi. After Tacos Mariachi closed, owner Jesus Carmona imagined something fresh. Milagro represents a new beginning with a nod to its roots in Tijuana's rich culinary culture.

Unique Menu Items: A Blend of Tradition and Innovation

At Milagro, you find more than just tacos. They serve up a burger with avocado mousse and sautéed shrimp. You can also enjoy ceviche and hearty veggie bowls. Each dish shows a commitment to innovation while honoring traditional methods. The menu items reflect a fusion of past and present, making Milagro a standout choice for dining in Dallas.

Milagro Taco Cantina takes the essence of Tijuana's street food scene and elevates it with a touch of Dallas flair. Whether it's the unique burger or the classic ceviche, each dish is crafted to offer a memorable dining experience. The transformation from Tacos Mariachi to Milagro marks a significant evolution, focusing on blending cultures through food.

We explored Milagro Taco Cantina, a must-visit for taco lovers. From Tijuana street tacos to unique dishes like burgers with avocado mousse, we covered the best eats. We also dived into Milagro's location in West Dallas, its history, and what makes it stand out, like its fusion menu. This place blends tradition with innovation, making it a culinary gem. If you love Latin cuisine, Milagro offers an unforgettable experience. Let's keep exploring and enjoying the rich flavors of Latin food together.

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