Tacos Los Gorditos Menu: A Simple Guide for Food Lovers

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Craving authentic Mexican flavors? Welcome, food lovers! Dive into the world of Tacos Los Gorditos. Explore the enticing menu, discover standout dishes, learn about prices, and more. Interested in vegetarian or vegan options? We’ve got you covered. Let’s unravel the culinary magic of Tacos Los Gorditos together. Your taste buds will thank you!


  • Tacos Los Gorditos, located in Louisville, KY, offers a range of fresh, authentic Mexican dishes like fish tacos, tortas, sopes, burritos with reasonable pricing.
  • They use fresh ingredients to ensure quality and taste and cater to both meat lovers and vegetarians.
  • Customer feedback praises the restaurant’s quality, taste, and authenticity, making it a go-to spot for Mexican food lovers.
  • They have several locations, offer delivery services, and can be ordered from by calling or via their website.
  • Tacos Los Gorditos also regularly offers special promotions and discounts.

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What does the menu of Tacos Los Gorditos feature?

Tacos Los Gorditos, located in Louisville, KY, offers a wide range of fresh food. From fritos plantanitos to tostadas de tinga, their menu is a treat for food lovers. They also have a variety of soups like caldo de res and costillitas in green sauce.

What are the standout dishes?

Their fish taco is a crowd favorite. Customers also love their tortas, sopes, and burritos. The key to their taste lies in the fresh ingredients they use. This ensures the best quality and taste for their customers.

Are there vegetarian and/or vegan options?

Yes, there are. Tacos Los Gorditos caters to all kinds of food lovers. Whether you are a meat lover or a vegetarian, you’ll find dishes that satisfy your taste buds.

How much can customers expect to pay on average?

The prices on the Tacos Los Gorditos menu are quite reasonable. Considering the quality of the food and the portion sizes, customers find the prices worth every penny. You can check out the complete menu and prices here.

What makes the Tacos Los Gorditos special?

One of the top Mexican food spots in places like Louisville, KY, and Houston, TX, Tacos Los Gorditos offers an authentic and unique experience. But what sets Los Gorditos apart?

What unique features does the restaurant offer?

Los Gorditos delivers a blend of tradition and innovation. Each dish, from the fritos plantanitos to the sopes, is prepared with fresh ingredients, embodying the rich flavors of Mexico. A trip to their site reveals a gallery that showcases a visual feast of their offerings. All these make Los Gorditos a must-visit for anyone searching for the best Mexican food near them.

What are customers saying about them?

Feedback from customers consistently praises the quality and taste of the food. Their comments, found on the customer feedback page, highlight the freshness of ingredients and the authentic Mexican flavor. This has made Los Gorditos a go-to spot for traditional Mexican food lovers.

Are there special promotions or discounts?

To add a cherry on top, Los Gorditos often rolls out special promotions and discounts. You can check their special page for current offers. This is a great way to enjoy delicious Mexican food while saving a few bucks.

In essence, Los Gorditos isn’t just about food. It’s about the experience, the ambiance, and the engagement. So, if you’re in Louisville or Houston and looking for a memorable Mexican food experience, Los Gorditos is waiting for you with open arms. Taste the authenticity, savor the tradition, and indulge in the love for all things Mexican!

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Where can customers find Tacos Los Gorditos?

If you’re looking for Mexican food near me open now or Mexican food near me dine in, Tacos Los Gorditos is the place to be. They have multiple locations such as Los Gorditos Killingsworth and Los Gorditos NW Davis. For those in Weimar, Texas, you can find them at Los Gorditos Weimar TX and MG Weimar TX hours. And if you’re in Houston, you can locate the restaurant at 6106 Telephone Rd Houston TX 77087.

What are the physical locations?

The main location of Tacos Los Gorditos is at 2017 Brownsboro Rd, Louisville, KY 40206. But they have spread their love for Mexican food to different locations. You can easily find Los Gorditos near me on your maps. Let’s get a closer look at their location.

What are the operating hours?

Every restaurants near me have different operating hours. But for Tacos Los Gorditos, they strive to serve you the best Mexican food as long as they can. You can check their operating hours at each location by calling them or visiting their website.

Is there a delivery service?

Yes, Tacos Los Gorditos offers delivery services. You can enjoy their food at the comfort of your home through Los Gorditos delivery Portland. Just go to their website, choose your favorite dishes, and they’ll deliver it to you. So whether you’re near or far, you can always have a bite of their delicious Mexican food.

How can customers place orders at Tacos Los Gorditos?

What are the available ordering platforms?

Customers can order from Tacos Los Gorditos in two ways. One is by giving them a call at 502-509-8676. The other is through their website, where you can find the menu and place your order.

For those searching for “mexican food near me delivery”, Tacos Los Gorditos may just be the answer. The restaurant offers delivery services, ensuring you get your order right at your doorstep.

What information is required when placing an order?

When placing an order, you need to provide your name, phone number, and delivery address. You also need to specify your order – from the many options on their New Haven menu. If you’re in Louisville, KY, be sure to check out Tacos Los Gorditos.

What is the estimated delivery time?

The estimated delivery time for Tacos Los Gorditos is usually within the hour. However, during peak “Los Gorditos hours”, the delivery might take a bit longer. So if you’re craving for some “Tacos Los Gordos”, make sure to place your order in advance.

Whether you’re in Louisville, KY or spotting a “Los Gorditos food truck” in other locations, rest assured that your delicious Mexican food will reach you hot and fresh. So go ahead, satisfy your cravings and place an order now!

We’ve explored the Tacos Los Gorditos menu, highlighting standout dishes, pricing and special options. We’ve also delved into what makes this restaurant unique, from customer reviews to special promotions. You now know where to find them, their operating hours, and how to place an order. Next time you’re craving authentic Mexican food, consider Tacos Los Gorditos for a satisfying culinary experience.

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