Amigos Street Tacos: Discover Local Flavors

"Delicious Amigos Street Tacos - Standing out with their flavorful Mexican cuisine."

Dive into the heart of Latin cuisine with Amigos Street Tacos. Here, every bite tells a story of tradition and flavor, setting them apart in the bustling streets of Sterling Heights. Discover why locals can't get enough of their mouth-watering birria tacos and what dishes you simply can't miss. From unique tastes to the warm sense of community, Amigos is more than just a taco spot; it's a culinary adventure waiting for you. Join me as we explore the local flavors that make Amigos Street Tacos a must-visit destination.


  • Amigos Street Tacos in Sterling Heights, MI, is beloved for its fresh, bold flavors, especially the must-try Birria Tacos.
  • Known for its casual, welcoming atmosphere and high-quality food, with a health score of 97.
  • Open daily with extended hours; no reservations needed, and they accept credit cards.
  • Offers a mix of tacos, all at reasonable prices, with the convenience of delivery through Grubhub.
  • Stands out by using a secret mix of spices and grilling soaked tortillas for a unique, flavorful experience.

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What Makes Amigos Street Tacos Stand Out?

Why Are Amigos Street Tacos a Local Favorite?

Amigos Street Tacos win hearts with their fresh, bold flavors. They serve up some of the best birria tacos around. People come back for the taste and the vibe.

What Are the Must-Try Dishes at Amigos Street Tacos?

You can't miss the Birria Tacos, Chicken Taco, and Shrimp Tacos. Each has a unique taste that stands out. The Birria Tacos, especially, are a must-try for newcomers.

How Do Amigos Street Tacos Differ From Other Taco Spots?

Amigos offers a casual place where no reservations are needed. Their hours are long, making it easy to get your taco fix almost any time. Plus, their health score of 97 out of 100 shows they care about quality.

Amigos Street Tacos in Sterling Heights, MI, stands out for its tasty dishes and welcoming atmosphere. With a focus on quality and flavor, it's a spot that locals love and visitors must try. The range of tacos, including the popular Birria Tacos, alongside their commitment to a good eating experience, makes them unique. Check them out on Yelp for more details and to see what others are saying.

Where Can You Find Amigos Street Tacos?

Amigos Street Tacos Locations and Operating Hours

Amigos Street Tacos is in Sterling Heights, MI. You can find it at 5823 17 Mile Rd. They open at 8:00 AM every day. From Monday to Saturday, they close at 10:00 PM. But on Sunday, they close early at 8:00 PM. This spot is known for its tasty tacos and friendly vibe. You can check out their menu and more here.

Planning Your Visit to Amigos Street Tacos: Tips and Recommendations

When you plan to visit, remember a few things. First, no need to book a table. Just walk in. They have a casual feel, perfect for any day. They take credit cards, so no worries if you don't have cash. Their health score is high, at 97 out of 100. This means they keep things clean and safe. Want to call ahead? Their number is (313) 429-9090.

This place is a hit for its Birria Tacos, Chicken Tacos, and more. Prices are good, like $2.85 for a Chicken Taco. Planning to visit is easy. Just check their hours and head over. You'll find a cozy spot with great food and a chill atmosphere. It's a top pick for local flavors.

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The Birria Taco Craze: How Amigos Stacks Up

Exploring the Popularity of Birria Tacos at Amigos

Birria tacos are a big hit at Amigos. They blend rich, spicy flavors in a way that's hard to find anywhere else. This dish has fans coming back for more. Why? Each bite packs a mix of tender meat, melted cheese, and robust sauce. It's a feast for your taste buds.

Authentic Birria Tacos Recipe vs. Amigos Street Tacos

The real deal birria tacos start with a slow-cooked, spiced stew. Amigos follows this tradition closely, adding their unique touch. They use a secret mix of spices to give their tacos an edge. Compared to other spots, Amigos stands out. Their tacos are not just food; they're an experience. They soak the tortillas in the stew, then grill them to crispy perfection. This step is crucial. It locks in the flavor and adds a delightful crunch. Inside, the meat is juicy and falls apart easily. The stew's spices seep into every bite, making each taco a savory adventure.

Amigos also adds melted cheese, which is not always traditional but a welcomed twist. This addition creates a gooey, comforting layer that blends seamlessly with the meat and spices. It's a modern take that respects the dish's roots while making it even more irresistible.

In short, Amigos offers a birria taco that respects tradition and adds a personal touch. Their method highlights the dish's deep flavors and textures, making it a must-try for anyone looking to explore the world of Mexican street food.

Satisfying Your Taco Cravings: Menu and Ordering Options

A Look at the Amigos Street Tacos Menu

Amigos Street Tacos serves up a feast. Their menu has Birria Tacos, Chicken Taco, Shrimp Tacos, Chicken Quesadilla, Ground Beef Taco, and Carne Asada Taco. Prices are fair. A Birria Taco costs $12.00, while Chicken and Ground Beef Tacos are just $2.85. Shrimp Tacos go for $12.75, and a Chicken Quesadilla is $10.50. This spot in Sterling Heights, MI, gets love for its tasty dishes. They score big on taste and value.

Order and Delivery Options for Amigos Street Tacos

You can get these tacos delivered right to your door. Just use Grubhub to order. They make it easy to enjoy Amigos Street Tacos at home. If you're craving those Birria Tacos or a quick Chicken Taco fix, you're in luck. Delivery makes it simple to dive into these flavors, no matter where you are. Amigos Street Tacos aims to please, from ordering to the first bite.

In this blog, we dove into what makes Amigos Street Tacos shine, from local favorites to must-try dishes and how they stand out. We also covered where to find them and compared their birria tacos to others, wrapping up with their menu and ordering options. My final thought? Amigos Street Tacos offers a unique, tasty experience for anyone looking to satisfy their taco cravings with authentic Latin flair. Don't miss out on trying their standout dishes for yourself!

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