Que Onda Tacos: Discover Unique Flavors & Tequila

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Dive into the vibrant world of "Que Onda Tacos" where every bite is a journey. Here, unique flavors meet top-shelf tequila, making every meal an adventure. From the special tacos to the rare tequila, "Que Onda" is more than just food; it's a cultural dive. Join me as we explore the magic behind "Que Onda Tacos" and discover why it's a must-visit for every food lover. Ready for an unforgettable taste trip? Let's go!


  • "Que Onda Tacos" offers unique taco flavors and rare tequilas, creating a distinctive dining experience.
  • It celebrates Mexican culture, aiming to be more than just a restaurant but a community spot.
  • Locations in Charlotte and Matthews, with more in Highland Creek and University City.
  • Menu highlights include the Crispy Baja Fish Taco and quesabirria, with options for vegans and vegetarians.
  • The name "Qué onda" reflects a welcoming atmosphere and commitment to authentic Mexican culinary traditions.

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What Makes "Que Onda Tacos" Stand Out?

The Specialty of "Que Onda Tacos"

"Que Onda Tacos" shines with its unique tacos. They blend old recipes with new twists. This mix makes each taco a taste trip. You find flavors here that you won't find in other tacos. It's like they know just what to add to make your taste buds dance.

The Unique Tequila Selection

At "Que Onda Tacos and Tequila," they love their tequila as much as their tacos. They have rare tequilas that are hard to find elsewhere. Each tequila has its own story and taste. This makes trying them an adventure. You can taste the care they put into picking their tequila.

Why "Que Onda" is More Than Just a Restaurant

"Que Onda" is more than a place to eat. It's a spot where food meets culture. They aim to share the joy of Mexican cuisine. It's not just about eating good food. It's about feeling the warmth and spirit of Mexico. When you eat here, you feel part of something bigger. It's a community, not just a restaurant.

At "Que Onda Tacos," every bite and sip tells a story. Their love for unique flavors and quality tequila sets them apart. But it's their commitment to culture and community that makes them special. To experience this unique blend of tastes and tradition, check out their website here.

Where to Find "Que Onda Tacos" Near You?

Que Onda in Charlotte: A Food Lover's Hub

If you're in Charlotte, you're in luck. You can find Que Onda Tacos at Charlotte. This spot is a must-visit for anyone who loves good food. They serve amazing tacos and have a cool vibe. It's a great place to eat with friends or family. You'll love the flavors and the fun atmosphere.

Matthews Location: A Gem for Mexican Cuisine Enthusiasts

For those near Matthews, check out Que Onda Tacos at Matthews. This location is a gem for Mexican cuisine lovers. The tacos here are top-notch, and the staff makes you feel welcome. It’s a great spot for a casual meal that’s full of flavor. You won't regret stopping by.

Finding "Que Onda Tacos" near you is easy. If you're in Charlotte or Matthews, you've got great options. But don't worry if you're not. There are more locations in Highland Creek and University City. To find the closest one to you, just search for "que onda tacos near me." Get ready for a tasty meal at any of these spots. You'll enjoy unique flavors and a friendly vibe that makes you feel right at home.

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Exploring the Menu: What to Expect?

Signature Dishes You Must Try

At Que Onda, the menu shines with unique flavors. One must-try dish is the Crispy Baja Fish Taco. It blends fresh fish with crisp batter and zesty toppings. This dish stands out for its balance of texture and taste.

Another star is the quesabirria. It's a rich, savory taco filled with melt-in-your-mouth meat. The quesabirria combines the best of quesadillas and birria tacos. It's juicy, cheesy, and perfect for those who love a bit of spice.

Vegan and Vegetarian Options at Que Onda

Que Onda also caters to plant-based diets. Their vegan and vegetarian options are as flavorful as the meat dishes. They use fresh veggies and creative recipes to make every bite delicious. From veggie tacos to salads, there's something for everyone.

These options prove that Mexican cuisine can be both hearty and healthy. Plus, they're great for sharing with friends, no matter their diet preferences.

Que Onda's menu offers a journey through Mexican culinary delights. With each bite, it's clear why this spot has earned its praise. Whether you're a meat lover or a veggie enthusiast, there's a dish waiting to become your new favorite.

The Story Behind "Que Onda Tacos"

The Inspiration for Que Onda's Unique Name

"Qué onda" means "What's up" in Spanish. It's a greeting, a way to connect. This phrase captures the spirit of Que Onda Tacos – a place where everyone feels welcome. It's like a hello from the kitchen to your table, with each taco served. This name sets the tone for a laid-back, friendly dining experience. It reflects the vibe we aim to create, where food brings people together, and every bite feels like a new discovery.

Incorporating Mexican Culture in Every Bite

At Que Onda, every taco tells a story. Our menu is a journey through Mexico's rich culinary landscape. We dive deep into traditions, spice blends, and cooking methods. We aim to honor these traditions while adding our unique twist. This approach ensures that with each bite, you're not just eating; you're experiencing Mexican culture. From the streets of Tijuana to the beaches of Cancun, our dishes bring the essence of Mexico right to your plate. Check out our Instagram here to see what we mean.

Our dedication goes beyond food. It's about the experience – the vibrant colors of our decor, the rhythms of Mexican music that fill the air, and the warmth of our service. We want Que Onda to be more than a meal; we aim for it to be a celebration of culture, community, and connection. This commitment to culture and quality has made us a beloved spot, where every visit offers something new to discover.

In this blog, we dove into what makes "Que Onda Tacos" a must-visit spot. From their standout tacos and tequila to their deep cultural roots, we've seen how this place is more than just a restaurant. We explored their diverse menu, including dishes you can't miss and options for all eaters. Plus, we uncovered the story and inspiration behind their unique name and approach. "Que Onda Tacos" isn't just about food; it's about experiencing Mexican culture in every bite. Ready to dive into a culinary adventure? "Que Onda" awaits.

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