Amigos Tacos Menu: A Guide to Must-Try Dishes

Alt text: Selection of must-try dishes at Amigos Tacos, featuring flavorful Mexican cuisine.

Dive into the heart of Latin flavor with Amigos Tacos Menu. This guide shines a light on dishes you can't miss. From street tacos that burst with authentic tastes to breakfast favorites that start your day right, we cover it all. Plus, we give you the scoop on prices and how to enjoy these delights at home or in person. Get ready to explore the best of Amigos Tacos and make every meal an adventure.


  • At Amigos Tacos, don't miss Breakfast Burrito options; prices range $14.39-$17.99.
  • Offers delivery and takeout; open 7:30 AM-9:30 PM in Manhattan Beach, CA.
  • Dine in available without reservation; lacks a current health score but maintains cleanliness.
  • Amigos Tacos has not claimed their Yelp page, missing opportunities for engagement and growth.
  • Yelp provides tools and services that could benefit Amigos Tacos, like ads and table management.

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What Dishes Should You Try at Amigos Tacos?

At Amigos Tacos, start with the Breakfast Burrito. It's a crowd-pleaser. Packed with flavor, it mixes eggs, cheese, and meat in a soft tortilla. This dish stands out for its taste and size.

Understanding the Pricing Range at Amigos Tacos

Prices vary from $14.39 to $17.99. This range fits most budgets. You get great value for the price, considering the quality and portion sizes.

Breakfast Favorites at Amigos Tacos

Beyond the Breakfast Burrito, try the Famous Breakfast Burrito. It's similar but has its unique twist. The Chile Relleno Burrito and Chorizo and Eggs Burrito are also must-tries. Each has a distinct flavor, making mornings better.

For more details on what to try, visit Yelp.

How to Enjoy Amigos Tacos?

Delivery and Takeout Options at Amigos Tacos

Want tacos but can't leave home? No problem! Amigos Tacos offers both delivery and takeout. This means you can enjoy your favorite Mexican dishes without stepping outside. Just pick up your phone or go online, and order away. It's that simple. For folks looking up "Mexican food near me delivery," Amigos Tacos has got you covered. Their menu is full of tasty options that'll make your mouth water. So, next time you're craving something delicious, think of Amigos Tacos. Don't miss out on the ease of getting their food right to your doorstep or ready for pickup. Trust me, your taste buds will thank you!

Planning when to grab a bite at Amigos Tacos? Here's what you need to know. They open bright and early at 7:30 AM and don't close until 9:30 PM. This wide window gives you plenty of time to enjoy their scrumptious offerings. Whether you're an early bird wanting to catch a breakfast burrito or someone looking to end their day with a flavorful Chile Relleno Burrito, Amigos Tacos fits into your schedule. Remember, these hours mean you can find a time that works best for you, making it easy to satisfy those taco cravings any day of the week.

Alt text: Discover the best taco flavors at Amigos Tacos, plan your visit today!

Planning Your Visit to Amigos Tacos

Amigos Tacos Location and Contact Information

Amigos Tacos sits in Manhattan Beach, CA. You can find it at 1221 Artesia Blvd. Need to chat? Call them at (310) 372-8006. They're open from 7:30 AM to 9:30 PM. It's a spot where you can dive into Mexican dishes that will make your taste buds sing. Looking for it online? Click here to see more.

Dine-In, Reservation, and Health Score Information

Ready to eat at Amigos Tacos? Great choice! Here's what you need to know. They offer dine-in, but no need to call ahead for a seat—they don't take reservations. While we don't have the health score, they keep things clean and tasty. They offer delivery and takeout too. So, whether you're nearby or prefer to enjoy your meal at home, Amigos Tacos has you covered.

When planning your visit, remember that Amigos Tacos is a cozy spot in Manhattan Beach known for its hearty Mexican food. From burritos to quesadillas, each dish packs a flavorful punch. Given its location, it's perfect for a casual dine-in experience. Though reservations aren't an option, the easygoing atmosphere ensures you'll find a spot to enjoy your meal. Don't forget to check out their delivery and takeout services for those days when you crave Mexican goodness from the comfort of your home. With a wide range of dishes and convenient services, Amigos Tacos promises a delightful dining experience.

Amigos Tacos' Online Presence and Services

Claiming Your Business on Yelp: A Guide for Restaurant Owners

Amigos Tacos shines on Yelp, but it's not claimed yet. This means the owners haven't taken control of their page. Doing so could let them update info and respond to reviews. It's a smart move for any restaurant. A claimed page shows you care about your image and customer feedback.

Online Services Provided by Yelp for Businesses

Yelp helps businesses in many ways. It's not just about reviews. They offer ads, table management for restaurants, and more. They even have tools and support to help businesses grow. For Amigos Tacos, using these services could boost its already solid reputation.

Amigos Tacos, in Manhattan Beach, has a lot to offer. Their menu is full of tempting dishes, from Breakfast Burrito to Chorizo and Eggs Burrito. Prices are fair, ranging from $14.39 to $17.99. They also offer delivery and takeout, making it easy to enjoy their food from home.

However, they're missing out by not claiming their Yelp page. It's a key step to connect with customers and improve services. Yelp's offerings for businesses, like advertising and support, are valuable. They can help Amigos Tacos reach even more taco lovers.

For more details on Amigos Tacos and their services, check their unclaimed Yelp page here.

In this post, we took a deep dive into Amigos Tacos, from their must-try dishes to how to enjoy them through delivery, dine-in, or takeout. We also covered planning your visit and their online services. My final thought? Exploring Amigos Tacos is a tasty adventure worth every bite.

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