“Pineda Tacos: A Local Favorite and Standout Choice”

"Delicious Pineda Tacos - Find Out Why They're the Best!"

Ever wondered why Pineda Tacos is a local favorite? What makes it a standout choice amidst a sea of taco restaurants? Join me as we dive into the mouthwatering world of Pineda Tacos, exploring its unique features, popular dishes, and how you can get your hands on these culinary delights. Ready to embark on a tasty adventure? Let's get started!


  • Pineda Tacos was popular for its Mexican cuisine, including favorites such as burritos, chilanga sandwiches, shrimp fajitas, and various types of tacos.
  • Unlike many competitors, Pineda Tacos excelled both in the quality of food and dining experience, including attention to customers' feedback and online ordering option.
  • Even though the restaurant no longer operates, it's remembered for its commitment to quality, range of dietary options, and quick service.
  • Customers loved their fresh ingredients, easy ordering process and positive dining experience.
  • The restaurant was located in St Paul, MN and offered takeaway, delivery, and online ordering services.

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What Makes Pineda Tacos Stand Out?

Why is Pineda Tacos a favorite among locals?

Pineda Tacos is a hit with locals because of its fresh, tasty food. They use only top-notch ingredients, so every bite delivers a flavor punch. They have a wide range of dishes, from burritos to kids tacos, ensuring there's something for everyone.

How does Pineda Tacos compare to other local taco restaurants?

Pineda Tacos stands tall among local taco joints. It's not just about the food, but the overall dining experience. They take customer feedback seriously and even have a page dedicated to it. This shows their commitment to continual improvement.

What unique features does Pineda Tacos offer its customers?

Besides the delectable food and top-notch service, Pineda Tacos goes the extra mile. They have an online ordering system that lets you skip the line—a big plus for those in a hurry. They also have a gallery that showcases their dishes, letting you feast your eyes before you order.

Though Pineda Tacos is no longer in business, it still holds a special place in the hearts of many. Its impact on the local food scene cannot be overstated. While we may no longer be able to enjoy their food, we can still learn from their commitment to quality and customer service.

What Can You Expect From The Menu At Pineda Tacos?

The menu at Pineda Tacos leaps with variety. It's a feast of flavors, from the traditional to the unique. You'll find burritos, chilanga sandwiches, shrimp fajitas, and more. Let's dive in, shall we?

The burritos and chilanga sandwiches are top picks. They're filled with fresh ingredients and packed full of flavor. The shrimp fajitas are also a hit, served sizzling and succulent. The carne asada platters are another must-try, featuring tender, juicy steak cooked to perfection.

Are there any signature tacos at Pineda Tacos?

Yes, the menu boasts a wide range of tacos to choose from. Among the favorites are the kids tacos. They are simple, yet delicious. And for those who prefer a bit of a twist, the cecina tortas are a unique blend of flavors that keep customers coming back for more.

What kind of dietary options does Pineda Tacos offer?

Pineda Tacos offers a selection that caters to various dietary needs. There are vegetarian options available, as well as dishes that can be made gluten-free upon request. So, no matter your dietary restrictions, there's something for everyone at Pineda Tacos.

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How Can You Order From Pineda Tacos?

Where can you find Pineda Tacos locations?

You can find Pineda Tacos at 1304 S Robert St, St Paul, MN 55118. This is the go-to spot when the craving for 'pineda tacos near me' hits. Open until 10:00 pm from Monday to Saturday and until 9:30 pm on Sundays, it's a top pick for 'food near me open now'.

Does Pineda Tacos provide takeaway and delivery services?

Yes, Pineda Tacos does offer takeaway and delivery services. You can call the restaurant at 651-455-6833 to place your order. With this option, you can enjoy their shrimp fajitas, carne asada platters, or kids tacos from the comfort of your home.

Are there online ordering options available at Pineda Tacos?

Yes, Pineda Tacos provides online ordering options. You can skip the line and get your order started right here. Whether you're after a quick lunch or dinner, you can have 'pineda tacos delivery' at your doorstep with just a few clicks.

With options like Pineda Tacos, satisfying your cravings for authentic and delicious tacos has never been easier. Whether you choose to dine in, take out, or have it delivered, Pineda Tacos is always a standout choice. So the next time you're thinking about tacos, remember this local favorite.

What Do Reviews Say About Pineda Tacos?

When it comes to Pineda Tacos, the feedback is quite positive. Many folks rave about the variety on the menu, from burritos and chilanga sandwiches to shrimp fajitas and carne asada platters. Fresh ingredients are key to their top-notch dishes, and this is something customers appreciate.

What do customers say about Pineda Tacos?

Customers seem to love Pineda Tacos. Their reviews often mention the place’s tasty food. Not only do they love the variety of items on the menu, but they also appreciate the quality of the ingredients used.

How does Pineda Tacos rate on food quality and customer service?

Pineda Tacos scores high on food quality. Customers often praise the freshness of the dishes. As for customer service, feedback is mostly positive. Folks like the ease of ordering, both in-store and online. They also appreciate the restaurant's prompt service.

Are there any notable comments or testimonials about Pineda Tacos?

There are quite a few glowing reviews for Pineda Tacos. One customer gushed about the flautas, while another raved about the jumex and cecina tortas. Several others mentioned the kids tacos, ideal for little ones with smaller appetites. Unfortunately, Pineda Tacos is no longer in business. But no worries, there are other great restaurants in the area to explore.

We've explored Pineda Tacos, a local favorite known for its unique features and popular dishes. We've learned how to order, whether it's in-store, takeaway, or delivery, and what the reviews say about their food and service. Pineda Tacos is more than just a restaurant, it's a culinary experience that takes you on a journey through the flavors of authentic Latin cuisine. Discover it for yourself today!

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